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At VIAPROM our business philosophy revolves around creating a set of dynamic strategies, programs and systems that focus on identifying each customer, understand his / her behavior, build a long standing relationship through a world class Loyalty program and simultaneously create a seamless connectivity with them.

Key Advantages of VIAPROM Solutions

Today, Customers world over are well informed and more connected like never before and to keep your customers loyal and connected to your Business is a daunting task indeed. Competing Businesses are offering endless offers to lure customers and in turn this has changed the buying pattern for most of the customers. To compete in today's competitive world, Businesses need a very effective CRM Solution with a powerful and effective Business Intelligence mechanism which gives the required insights to surge ahead along with a powerful Digital Loyalty Program to keep customers satisfied. VIAPROM provides the comprehensive Solutions with a complete 360° reach of each customer across every channel, providing the insight one need to deliver a personalized service, build customer loyalty and increase the bottom line revenue.

VIAPROM helps to acquire new customers with strategies to obtain a more targeted customer base using our result oriented and precise marketing and promotional campaigns.

VIAPROM identifies the best customers with easily navigable huge bank of customer profiles. Increases the spending to higher margin products using better communication channels and implementation of loyalty programs.

Companies can boost profits by almost 100 percent by retaining just 5 percent more of their customers. VIAPROM has the knowhow to market to your existing customers in ways that help you convert good customers into best customers .

VIAPROM enables close co-ordination between departments – marketing, MIS, store operations, HR. Work efficiently as a team, increase profitability, work smarter.

Avail latest features with State of the Art Capabilities

Seamless Selling at Lightning Speed with VIAPROM CRM Solutions & Loyalty Program Management

Long Standing Customer Relations

The Eco system of VIAPROM Solutions gives Business the ability to personalize and customize relationships with their customers at any given time. It maintains a repository of customer profiles, giving marketing team the ability to treat each customer individually. As a result organizations are better informed about each customer's specific needs. VIAPORM CRM Solutions helps the organization quickly modify its level of service in order to match each customer's profile. This improved customer service leads to increased customer loyalty and correspondingly decreases customer dissatisfaction. VIAPROM CRM Solutions also help the organization to receive feedback from customers regarding products they have purchased or service they have availed.Main concern amongst organisation is how to attract and retain high-value customers. Over the time, organizations have often failed to build relationships with core customers, or they have wasted money marketing to customers that were among the most profitable. VIAPROM CRM Solutions greatly impacts customer acquisition and retention by allowing your business to keep track of customer activities over time. This enables market segment analysis, which helps you better understand your core customers. VIAPROM CRM Solutions also offer loads of customer data and tools, which help your sales and service employees more easily, retain customer information and better resolve conflicts.

Driving Sales with Innovative Loyalty Program

VIAPROM Loyalty Management Services offers all the tools needed in order to build a successful Digital Loyalty Program. It has been created for both individual and business customers. To maintain high levels of customer satisfaction, program participants can easily be engaged through the personalized contextual offers and promotion actions such as special offers, coupons or benefits for the best customers. VIAPROM Digital Loyalty program management is easier with innovative tools. With best-in-class VIAPROM Loyalty Management system you can create and execute unique customer engagement programs, effectively manage memberships and rewards, interact with customers across multiple channels and track loyalty system performance.

VIAPROM BI for Proactive Business decision making

Once the business goal of the analysis is determined with the Business Heads and Stake holders of the organisation, VIAPROM BI team will select the methodology conducive to the analysis and data is acquired to support the analysis. Data acquisition often involves extraction from one or more business systems, cleansing, and integration into a single repository such as a data warehouse or data mart. Initially the analysis is typically performed against a smaller sample set of data. Analytic tools range from spreadsheets with statistical functions to complex data mining and predictive modeling applications. As patterns and relationships in the data are unearthed, new questions are asked and the analytic process iterates until the business goal is met. Deployment of predictive models involves scoring data records typically in a database and using the scores to optimize real-time decisions within applications and business processes. Business Analytics by VIAPROM also helps tactical decision making in response to unforeseen events and in many cases the decision making is automated to support real-time responses.


A highly qualified and experienced team of BI professionals at VIAPROM helps organisations leverage the BI tools to eliminate human error, uncover key business metrics, understand their consumers, automate their business operations, achieve greater profitability, determine areas for further growth, and drive full-scale digital transformation of their organizations.At VIAPROM we empower the organization with data-driven decision making to increase business efficiency, performance and provide competitive advantage for customers across industries verticals.

  • Establishing business needs.
  • Analysing data sources.
  • Getting requirements for the end user reports.
  • Development of the BI solution.
  • Validating results after deployment.
  • BI solution performance optimization.
  • Testing data at different stages.
  • Support and maintenance of the existing solution.

The Target driven Marketing Channel

VIAPROM Omni Channel Campaign Manager optimizes the campaign planning process, simplifies management, automates execution of multi-channel and facilitates tracking and measuring campaign performance. The solution also helps to optimize workflow and create clear tasks which guarantee that resources are allocated flawlessly across your organization and collaboration is efficient. Operating a business efficiently where revenue is optimized and costs are minimized is the general objective of most organizations. VIAPROM helps improve efficiency by allowing for more cost-effective marketing vehicles. By developing direct communication channel that target individual customers as opposed to a general audience, you can ensure more returns for your marketing investment. Targeted direct marketing has a much higher response rate than reaching out to general mass. As an example, you can cross sell a new product only to customers who have purchased a different product in a given time frame.

We’ll take care of everything ... End-to-End!

At VIAPROM we help you make wise business decisions. We partner with you at every stage of your business’ lifecycle to help drive bottom-line results, employing a fact-driven consultative approach to help you achieve your strategic goals & objectives. VIAPROM Solutions & Management Services is an iterative process that turns customer data into customer loyalty through these activities:

Collecting customer data
Analyzing the customer data and identifying target customers
Developing CRM programs
Implementing CRM programs
Enrolling the Customers in the Digital Loyalty program
Awarding Rewards and Loyalty Bonus which makes happy Customer
Increased Sales with positive Bottom-line results which makes Clients Richer

Many of today’s most sophisticated brand experiences are now powered with a different CRM Solutions, Business Intelligence AND a Loyalty platform. VIAPROM Solutions offers the best ever integrated services to deliver a world class experience for all customers - wherever they are on the relationship spectrum. And if you think that this might involve considerable time and expense, let us clarify our stand - with VIAPROM you can implement CRM Solutions and launch your own Loyalty Program ON THE FLY and initiate a power packed Business Intelligence study backed by the most advanced technology. And our SaaS model enables you to take control of your expenses.

A pioneer of real time technology and built on a state of the art platform, VIAPROM Solutions & Management Services helps you manage and implement your customer data so that you


Work more

Reach out more

Implementation & Support

VIAPROM is committed to successful implementation of the Solutions that provide access to accurate, timely, and meaningful data for all stakeholders. Our implementation and support services are designed in such a way that our customer expectations can be met on time and within the allocated budget. Our goal-oriented pre-implementation processes viz. system study, gap analysis enable smooth implementation, faster integration & stabilization of VIAPROM to the existing process.

The key to any good implementation is solid project management. VIAPROM Project Managers have extensive experience so they know the challenges that you face. Your Project Manager will see the process through completion, guiding you every step of the way.

  • Kick Off Meeting – Team introductions, broad timelines and steps.
  • Set objectives, Identify risks and create a risk mitigation plan.
  • Review VIAPROM’s Capabilities with stakeholders.
  • Map business’s existing Standard Operating Procedure with VIAPROM’s processes.
  • Identify Gaps in SOPs and document them.

VIAPROM has the experience in migrating data to its cloud Servers using a phased approach. This has proven successful in terms of both managing the data itself and providing a safe environment for end users to learn the processes of VIAPROM Solutions is especially adept at data cleansing, as many records exported from the current system will have errors. There are six critical success factors of our data conversion process:

  • Well Documented Specifications.
  • Correctly Extracted Data – Convert/Export/Extract/Collect Data.
  • Precision Data Migration Tools – Import data into VIAPROM Cloud Servers.
  • Thorough Data Validation.
  • Configure /Customize/Create features as per gaps and project scope.
  • Create and configure a VIAPROM instance with client data.

The foundation of a successful implementation is a comprehensive and timely training program. We work with each business establishment to develop a customized training plan by studying the project plan rollout schedule for each module, the best delivery methods for each target audience, the outcomes of specialty group meetings, and the time constraints to complete the training with participants demonstrating mastery.VIAPROM believes different training methods need to be offered to meet the needs of the users. We offer on-site hands-on training sessions and off-site training through Skype, User Manuals etc that provide the needed variety of techniques.Our training program offers a number of options to help VIAPROM users to understand it in a very clear way, and be confident and comfortable with their role while using VIAPROM. We also encourage our clients to discuss their specific requirements in order to create a customized training program for them.

Training Methods:

  • Traditional Classroom Training – End-user / Train-the-trainer approach. (Onsite)
  • Online Training – Screen Sharing via Skype or Team viewer. (Remote)
  • User Manuals for Self Training.
  • Customized training program as per client’s requirement.

Our service desk is available to all our clients and its sole purpose is to make sure you get the best help needed and resolve any issues or concerns expeditiously. We offer a 3-fold advantage to our customers:

Training Methods:

  • Quick Response: Speed is our hallmark and we ensure that any queries are resolved quickly to our customer’s satisfaction.
  • On Time Follow Through: We ensure our customers get the needed information from our end on time, and as per the agreed SLA’s.
  • Easy Accessibility: Our support staffs availability makes it very convenient for a customer to reach them.

VIAPROM is committed to successful implementations of CRM & Loyalty Management Solutions that provide stable & effective business operations, actionable data for concerned and ensures full state reporting requirement compliance.At VIAPROM, based on our rich experience with scores of implementations, we have devised an effective strategy for ensuring project success and client delight.

Happier Customers

VIAPROM enables businesses to personalize and customize relationships with their customers regardless of which employee deals directly with them at any given time. Our repository of customer profiles helps your Marketing team to treat each customer individually. And our analytical tools lets you modify your level of service to cater to specific needs, keep track of customer activities over time, and better resolve conflicts. This improved customer service boosts customer loyalty and results in happier customers.

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